Franklin Graham Prays With Netanyahu, Makes Huge Donation To Israel

Franklin Graham, an American evangelical icon, had announced that he, along with Samaritan’s Purse, would be donating to aid Israel amid their ongoing war against Hamas. Graham took the time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the pair prayed alongside each other for the prosperity of the Israeli state.

Graham spent time meeting with Netanyahu after the horrendous attacks perpetrated by Hamas last month. This latest move to send aid to the American ally is one that solidifies the support that the Hewish State is receiving from American Evangelical Christians.

Following the meeting. Graham spoke to the Christian Post about his opinion. He said, “He is facing the most trying time since the birth of their nation with [1,400] people killed, more than 240 men, women, and children taken as hostages, and many injured in the Hamas attack.”

He continued, “As I spoke with a woman whose husband was taken hostage, the fear and heartache were overwhelming. Pray for these hostages and their families, pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

The Samaritan’s Purse has played an active role in deploying relief to those impacted by the viscous attacks by Hamas. The charity provided 21 ambulances to the emergency services in Israel. 7 of those ambulances were armored vehicles, designed to be able to render aid in even the worst of scenarios in the Middle East’s most recent conflict.

Samaritan’s Purse didn’t stop its giving with the ambulances. On the contrary, the organization detailed in a press release the numerous other ways that they have brought aid to the most impacted and destroyed parts of the region.

Their website wrote, “Samaritan’s Purse has provided hygiene kits, 5,900 food vouchers, 300 food boxes, and 3,800 hot meals for internally displaced families in Israel. In addition to these supplies, the organization has provided medical equipment, including defibrillators to search and rescue teams.

Samaritan’s Purse also released a press statement about Graham’s visit to the country, in which he witnessed the rubble and remains of the horror that took place just weeks before. He gave more comments to the publication, discussing the pit in his stomach that he felt upon viewing the marks of battle.

He said, “Sometimes you look and say, ‘Why?’ Or you look and say, ‘Lord, what can we do?’ The need is so great. But we serve a big God and He’s familiar with suffering. So, we’re going to do what we can to help the people here in Israel. And do it in Jesus’ Name.”

With the ongoing conflict taking a toll on the residents of Israel, this aid comes with more than just physical supplies to help rebuild the nation. It also comes along with the imperative promise from Christians in the Western world to stand beside the Jews of Israel as they continue to fight against the evil Hamas organization. Graham took a major step in ensuring that the tie between the two groups was strong, and when the shoe was on the other foot, the favor was sure to be returned.


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