Yet Another Hollywood Star Chooses To Flee California, Take Family To Farm In Red State

Star of “The Cosby Show” Keshia Knight has made headlines after she announced that she has left Hollywood for a life on a farm. Knight is the next in a long line of Hollywood stars who are ditching the deep blue city and getting far away from the crime and egregious taxes of neighboring Los Angeles. Knight has now found her way to Atlanta, Georgia, in her pursuit of a better life.

Knight has finally found the relief and happiness that can come from a life connected to nature. Along with her husband, the two have found great joy in raising a family in a space that is a bit less connected to the hustle and bustle of city life. During the current writer’s strike that has put a pause on many Hollywood actors’ careers, Knight finally had time to branch away from California.

In an interview with People, Knight spoke about the move and the way that it was impacted by the writer’s strike, saying, “I never imagined taking time off to have my son and then when it was time to come back, the whole industry would be shut down. Luckily those things were outside of the scope of the strike, but it’s definitely been nice to have more family time.”

She continued, saying, “We live on a farm so my husband built me a greenhouse and we’re in the process of planting, taking care of chickens and goats and really just enjoying time as a family.” 

Knight also talked about the bond that she formed with on-screen sibling Brad James, who would later go on to become her husband and father of her children. She said, “We were actually playing brother and sister. Our paths had crossed many times before, but this was the first time we saw each other… Five or so years later and he’s my husband, and we’ve made a whole other human being.”

Their son, Knight James, is now less than a year old and lives with the family along with a 5-year-old daughter of Knight’s named Ella, who was fathered by ex-NFL player Ed Hartwell.

Keshia Knight’s story is a perfect case study of what it takes to be happy. She has quickly found that the business of Los Angeles, the constant drive to perform for others, and a life spent trying to build an on-screen legacy were maybe not as important as she thought they were.

Now, living on a Georgia farm with her loved ones, she is beginning to see why so many Americans have recently opted to flee massive blue cities like New York and California. While she did not indicate crime as a reason for her escape from the Democrat-held California, many others have.

It seems that this mass exodus from California is only just beginning, and if politicians in the state do not begin to heed this warning, they will be in major trouble of losing the populace that has so strongly and unequivocally defended them.


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